Contracting Conditions

Authorization according to Decreto de Turismo Deportivo de Aragón TA – Z – 13 (Sports Tourism Decree of Aragón TA – Z – 13).

PRELIMINARY NOTE.- Due to their own nature, active tourism and adventure sports entail a potential risk. The accident rate in the company is less than 0.5%. The most frequent injuries are sprained ankles and knees, shoulder dislocation, etc., and occasional broken bones. In a negligible percentage of cases (0.0005%), accidents can be more serious (broken vertebra, drowning, etc.). Before taking part in these activities, you must understand these facts. All guides and technicians have the expertise and necessary qualifications for the activity they take care of. Safety during the activity depends to a great extent on following their instructions and guidance.

1.- The activities offered are subject to the environmental conditions where they take place and the people involved in them, and therefore can change before or during the course of the activity (weather, sudden changes in water level, physical problems of any participant, etc.). In case of cancellation by UR Rafting SLL, the customer will have the right to postpone the activity, replace the activity for another one of his/her choice or receive the reimbursement of the money he/she paid.

2.- The customer is obliged to report a possible pregnancy, paraplegia or cardiovascular disease before contracting any activity.

Likewise, he/she promises not to be under the effects of alcohol, drugs and/or any other substance or medication that can affect his/her ability to react in any circumstance.

To take part in water activities, being able to swim is compulsory. Each activity’s technical sheet describes the activity and specifies the conditions and minimum ages to take part in it. Any underage must have an appropriate authorization or be accompanied by a person in charge of him/her.

In all cases, and especially in advanced-level activities, UR Rafting SLL can take a previous test, and we reserve the right to refuse admission.

3.- UR Rafting SLL’s commitment begins with the contracted activity, so the transport to the company facilities or to the starting point of the activity, if applicable, is the customer’s responsibility. UR’s contract and responsibility only apply to the direct labour of their technicians and to the organization of the activity.

4.- Prices are per person and include direct services offered by UR Rafting SLL (VAT included), and they are for the minimum indicated group. Except otherwise explicitly stated, the hiring of external services (lodgings, transport, etc.) will be at the customer’s expenses, although, in some cases, UR Rafting SLL can manage the hiring of such services.

5.-The price includes necessary materials, both personal and collective. Each technical sheet specifies the necessary equipment for each activity and program.


6.- The prices of programs and activities include assistance insurance with coverage for illness and injuries. Material and equipment rental services (without a guide service) are not covered by the assistance insurance.

Accident Insurance: Policy 20170420350195 with Surne insurance company.

Likewise, UR Rafting SLL has the applicable civil liability insurance, with coverage and amounts required by laws regulating the industry.

Civil Liability Insurance: Policy 20170420350195 with Surne insurance company.

Full information about insurance conditions and coverages is available to customers in the activity centres and can also be posted on demand.

Contracting Conditions:

7.- To confirm a reservation, the customer must pay at least 25% of the total price, or 50% of the total price for groups of more than 15 people.

The remaining amount will be paid at the activity base before the activity starts.

The percentages of those programs and/or activities that, due to their special condition, are different to the above mentioned will be expressly indicated in the conditions.

8.- The customer can renounce to the requested or contracted services, having the right of  reimbursement of the amount paid, but he/she will have to indemnify UR Rafting SLL as indicated below:

– He/she will pay management fees (€15), cancellation fees, if applicable, and a penalty of 10% of the total reservation cost, if cancellation is done more than 15 and less than 30 days before the planned date of the program; a 20% penalty if cancellation is done between 5 and 15 days before such date, and the total amount of the retaining fee if the cancellation is done in the 4 days previous to the activity.

– Failure to appear on the day and time indicated by UR Rafting SLL will entail the obligation to pay the full amount of the reservation.

9.- From the moment the reservation is confirmed, the customer will expressly accept these General Conditions in full. In case a person makes a reservation in the name of one or more people, he/she accepts all these General Conditions on behalf of those other people.