Terms and Conditions

Once the reservation is confirmed, the client will explicitly accept all the present General Terms and Conditions. In the event that someone registers a third party, the former accepts in their name each of these General Terms and Conditions.


There is a potential risk to active tourism and adventure sports based on its own nature. The accident rate of the company is below 0.5%. The most common injuries are: minor contusions, sprained ankles or knees, dislocated shoulders…and occasionally broken bones. The rate of serious accidents (broken vertebrae, drownings, etc.,) is almost cero: 0.0005%. The decision to take part in these kinds of activities means the participant accepts the inherent risk involved and understands the nature of the activities.

1.- All of our staff members have the necessary qualifications and experience for the activity they conduct. Participants must follow the instructions of guides and supervisors at all times during the activity, since safety during the activity depends mostly on following their instructions and guidelines.

2.- The activities offered are subject to the conditions of the environment they take place in and the people that participate. Therefor changes could occur before or even during the activity (weather-related, sudden changes in water level, physical issues of participants, etc.). If UR Rafting SLL is responsible for cancellation, the client is entitled to a postponement or the replacement for another activity of their choosing, or a refund for the cost.

3.- The client is responsible for reporting whether they suffer a physical or psychological disability, pregnancy, paraplegia, or heart conditions before hiring any activity.

4.- Likewise, they undertake not to be under the effects of alcohol, drugs and/or narcotics, as well as any other medication that might impair their performance.

5.- To perform water activities, you must be able to swim. The fact sheet for each activity indicates the conditions and minimum age required to participate. Minors must have a written consent or be accompanied by a responsible adult. In any case, and especially for advanced level activities, UR Rafting SLL might ask participants to perform a previous test.

6.- The client accepts the inherent risk of the activities and especially of the measures taken to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 and, therefore, of the physical, technical, and psychological requirements that need to be met in order to carry them out.

7.- UR Pirineos reserves the right to refuse admission. The client must follow the instructions of the guides at all times and respect the environment as well as any components involved in the activity. Otherwise, the company reserves the right to refuse admission with no option of refund to any client who does not comply with the activity safety regulations and the hygiene and health measures required as a result of the risk of transmitting COVID-19.

8.- In the event that the client is representing a group, he/she is obliged to inform the members of the group on the content of the informed consent and the terms and conditions of the services hired.


9. Active Tourism Activities

The obligations of UR Rafting start with the hired activity, therefore transport to the facilities or location where the activity takes place is the client’s responsibility. The contract and responsibility of UR only affect the work of its staff and the organization of the activity.

The fees of the adventure activities indicated are per person and include the services offered directly by UR Rafting (including taxes) for the minimum group size. The price includes all the necessary materials, both personal and collective.  The fact sheet specifies the equipment needed for each activity and programme.

UR Rafting SLL is an Active Tourism company legally authorised by the Dirección General de Aragón and registered with the number TA-Z-13.

10.- Related travel services

Services other than adventure activities (accommodation, transport…) will be charged separately as related travel services according to the Provision of Travel Agency Services.

UR Rafting SLL is a travel agency legally authorised by the Dirección General de Aragón and registered with the number CAA-321.

11.- Paying in advance

To confirm a reservation, the client must pay at least 25% of the total cost of the service or 50% for groups with over 15 people.

The rest will be paid at the appointed location, before the start of the activity. The programmes and activities where different percentages apply due to their special nature will include those specific details in the conditions.

12. Cancellations

The client may cancel the services requested or contracted and is entitled to a refund for the amount paid, but must compensate UR Rafting SLL for the concepts listed below: management costs (15% of the total reservation cost, whether it is due to causes of force majeure, non-attributable to the company or due to cancellation on behalf of the client), cancellation fees of external service providers if applicable, a penalty of 10% of the total reservation cost if the cancellation is done 5 to 15 days before the activity, a 20% penalty if cancellation is done 4 days to 24 hours before the activity, and 100% penalty if cancellation is done during the last 24 hours.

Failure to arrive on the date and time indicated by UR Rafting SLL, shall entail the obligation to pay the full cost of the reservation

13. Insurance

The cost of the activities and programmes includes assistance insurance which covers illnesses and accidents. Material and equipment rental services (with no guide) do not include assistance insurance.

Accident insurance: Policy number 20190420371850 with SURNE MUTUA DE SEGUROS PENSIONES insurance company.

Likewise, UR Rafting SLL has the corresponding third-party civil liability insurance with the coverage and amounts required by the laws regulating the industry.

Civil Liability Insurance: Policy number QP2019002733 with XL Insurance company SE.

Full information on the conditions and coverage of the insurance policies is available to clients at the activity centres or on demand via email.


We inform you that UR RAFTING, SLL stores your personal data and contact details, to answer your requests a provide information on our activities and services, according to the terms established in our privacy and cookie policy. You can exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation, and objection by filling in this online form or sending an email with a copy of your ID to info@urpirineos.es.